Gautam Buddha statue seen on Mars: Other findings from NASA

UFO Sightings Daily has claimed that a giant Buddha statue is present on the Red planet, Mars. The photo has been captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover. In the statue, a face and head turned to its right, with breasts and a plump stomach, shoulders with remarkable detailing can be clearly seen.

It has also been confirmed that there used to have ancient lakes on the surface of the planet some millions of years ago.mars buddha

This is not the first time Curiosity rover has sent such images. In August, the spacecraft sent images of a woman-like figure and a tentacle bearing crab-like creature.

Here is a list of some of the other images that have been captured in the past:

Martian face captured by Viking 1 mission in 1976
On July 25, 1976, Viking 1 captured the image of a pile of rocks that greatly resembled a human face. NASA described it as a “huge rock formation on the surface of Mars which resembled a human head.” However, it was also believed that the face is the leftover of an alien civilisation.

Perfectly formed Pyramids by Curiosity Rover
Perfectly formed pyramids were a convincing evidence that there is extra-terrestrial life on Mars. It was again believed that they are most probably the result of rock formation on its surface.

Creature captured by Curiosity Rover in 2015
NASA had earlier shared a picture of a large tentacle bearing creature which resembled a crab. It was reported that it shows signs that it is alive. The Director of Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life Institute (SETI), Seth Shostak, said that it is a case of Pareidolia when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar shapes and objects.

Trees on Planet Mars in 2010
The photos of trees on Mars was captured by the most powerful camera, HiRISE in the year 2010 which was circling the red planet since 2006. The images appear to show rows of conifers emerging from dunes and hills on the planet’s surface.

Man on Mars
A former NASA employee Jackie confessed in 2014 that while she was downloading telemetry from a Viking Lander, she saw the humans via live feed.

A woman captured by Curiosity rover in 2015
The recent picture which has been taken by Curiosity rover shows that there is a woman standing on top of a cliff, with long hair, wearing a dress and watching the probe. There is a small painting or carving on the nearby stone. There is also a track in between a manhole and a small house like tent.

Apart from water on Mars there are other solid traces of human life that have been found on the planet, all elements essential to life on Earth like carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and phosphorus.

 source :india today
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