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Big Boss 11 All Contestants Name List and details.

1. Shilpa Shinde

Shilpa Shinde is a television actor who rose to fame for her work in &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. She was also seen in shows like Bhabhi, Hari Mirch, Lal Mirch, Waaris, Chidiya Ghar and more. Last year, Shilpa was forced to exit the show after disagreements with the makers. Shilpa, earlier this year, went a step ahead and filed a sexual harassment case against Sanjay Kohli, co-producer of the show and producer Benafir Kohli’s husband.

2. Hina Khan

Hina Khan was forever Star Plus’s favourite bahu. She began her career as Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. She was also recently seen in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi. She hails from Kashmir and is an MBA graduate.

3. Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani is a TV actor who found fame with Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. He was also seen in Kutumb and Pavitra Rishta as Sushant Singh Rajput’s replacement. He married Gauri Pradhan in 2004 and they have two sons and a daughter together.

4. Priyank Sharma

Priyank Sharma is a model-choreographer who was seen in Splitsvilla. He is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house, his third reality show after Roadies Rising and Splitsvilla X.

5. Benafsha Soonawalla

Benafsha Soonawalla is a video jockey and was also seen in MTV Roadies X4 last year. Her social media following is massive and she is known for her devil-may-care attitude.

6. Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan is a model and an aspiring actor who has been embroiled in several controversial events in the past. Arshi, a Bhopal-born girl, has done several nude photoshoots, including one where she pasted pictures of Pakistani cricketers on her breasts, and another shoot where she painted the Pakistani flag on her bust and lower body. While her Urdu dialect and obsession with Pakistani cricketers make many believe that she is a Pakistani citizen, but according to reports, she is of Indian origin.

7. Zubair Khan

Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law Zubair Khan reportedly produced Apoorva Lakhia’s Haseena Parkar that starred Shraddha Kapoor in the eponymous role. Parkar was Dawood Ibrahim’s sister who managed his crime empire in Mumbai after the don fled India after the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

8. Sapna Choudhary

Haryanavi singer and dancer Sapna Chaudhary has entered the Bigg Boss house as a commoner. She is one of the most popular singers in the region. After she was trolled and slammed online, she got depressed and even attempted suicide last year.

9. Shivani Durgah

A tantrik/godwoman, Shivani holds two PhDs from Chicago University and hails from Noida. She takes pains to set herself apart from Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and last year’s contestant, Swami Om.

10. Jyoti Kumari

Originally from Masaudi, Patna (Bihar), Jyoti is a student of Hans Raj College (DU) in Delhi. She is a peon’s daughter. In the inaugural episode, she left Salman impressed.

11. Puneesh Sharma

Puneesh is a civil contractor from New Delhi. He is also has a few clubs in the capital. He participated in Sarkar Ki Duniya in 2009, of which, he emerged as the winner. On the show, he had to live on an island with other contestants.

12. Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta is a television producer and he has worked on shows like Gumrah, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, and MTV’s Webbed. He has a running feud with Shilpa Shinde and their fight started from day one.

13. Bandgi Kalra

Bandagi Kalra is a model from Mumbai. She was introduced on the show as a commoner contestant.

14. Sabyasachi Satpathi

Sabyasachi Satpathi is a designer from Odisha. According to reports, he is the brother of former Ranji cricketer Jitu Satpathy. He is a part of the padosi team.

15. Lucinda Nicholas

Lucinda is an Australian model. She was crowned Miss World South Australia in 2010 and even had a part to play in Akshay Kumar’s Boss. She is also a padosi.

16. Luv Tyagi

Luv Tyagi is from Budhana, Rajasthan and also a part of the padosi team.

17. Mehjabi Siddiqui

Mejabi Siddiqui calls herself an anaconda and promises a big chaos inside the home. She too is a part of the padosi team.

18. Akash Anil Dadlani

Akash Anil Dadlani is a rapper and has worked with Meet Brothers. His entry inside the Bigg Boss house was via the jail aka kaalkothri.



Secret Superstar Trailer Released, check the Link

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DESPACITO- Song Full Translation in English


Yes, you know that I’ve been looking @ you for a while
I have to dance with you today (DY)
I saw, that your look was calling me
Show me the way that I’m going oh
You you are the magnet and I’m the metal
I’m getting closer and I’m setting up the plan
Just the thought of It accelerates the pulse
now I’m enjoying it more than usual
All my senses are asking for more
This must be taken without any trouble
I want to breathe your neck slowly
Let me tell you things in your ears
So that you remember when you’re not with me
I want to undress you with kisses slowly
Sign the walls of your labrynth
And make your whole body a manuscript
Turn it up turn it up….. turn it up, turn it up
I wanna see you dance
I wanna be your rhythm
I want you to show me
Your favourite places places places Places
Let me surpass your danger zones
To make you scream
And forget your name
If I ask you for a kiss , come give It to me
I know that you’re thinking about it
I’ve been trying for some time
Mommy this is giving and giving it
You know that your heart with me makes you bom bom
You know that this baby is looking for my bom bom
Come test my mouth to see what It taste like to you
I want to see how much love do you have
I’m not in a hurry , I want to do the trip
Let’s start slowly then wildly
Step by step, soft softly
We are going to get caught little by little
When you kiss me so skillfully
I think that you’re malicious delicately
Step by step, soft softly
We’re going to get caught, little by little
And it’s just that this beauty is a puzzle
But to put it together here I have the pieces
I wanna breathe your neck slowly
Let me whisper things into your ear
So that you remember if you’re not with me
I wanna undress you with kisses slowly
Sign the walls of your laberinth
And make your whole body a manuscript
Turn it up
I wanna see you dance
I wanna be your rhythm
I want you to show me
Your favourite places
Let me surpass your danger zones
Till I make you scream
And forget your name
We will do It on the beach in Puerto Rico
Till the waves scream dear lord
So that my seal stays with you
Step by step, soft softly
We’re going to get caught little by little
I want you to show me
Your favourite places places places Places
Step by step, soft softly
We’re going to get caught little by little
To make you scream (Fonsi)
And forget your name (DY)

Dunkirk Movie Review : Best Movie of Nolan Till Date.

Dunkirk movie review: Christopher Nolan’s war movie is an unrelenting, unstoppable force of nature, an existential masterpiece powered by a terrific Hans Zimmer score. Rating: 5/5.


Rating – 5/5

The moments spent in anticipation immediately before a new Christopher Nolan movie are often just as nerve-wracking as those spent watching the film.

An irresistible energy buzzes through your body as you collapse into your grimy seat – a hypnotic mix of nervousness, fear, paranoia, and careful optimism.

This is a pilgrimage, after all. To some, Nolan is a god, and his temple’s walls, dark and foreboding, seem to push in as the lights go down. Your senses, usually dulled by a mundane existence, are heightened. You’ve never experienced anything like it.

The crowd’s hushed tones hit you in waves, and even the most distant whisper is deafening – but it reassures as much as it startles. There are others like you. And like you, they’ve waited years for this moment. You are not alone. And the electricity you’ve created – together – in the cavernous place of worship, could power a small town.

I have experienced this sensation on four occasions, before four Christopher Nolan films, and each of those experiences were, and remain to this day, some of the most special I’ve had inside a movie theatre.

And yesterday, it happened again.

Dunkirk, a film about men, created by men, is a force of nature – an elemental beast of a movie about finding the meaning of life surrounded by the meaninglessness of war. It is an existential masterpiece set across three parallel plots destined to collide, which in turn are set on three planes of existence – earth, air, and water. To us, these elements symbolise life, but in Dunkirk, they might as well be harbingers of death, having suspended our characters in their purgatory as they await judgment.

On the land, in the seaside French town of Dunkirk, 400,000 soldiers have been pushed by ‘the enemy’ – curiously, not once are the Nazis mentioned – towards the sea. They wait, bombarded from behind, and up above, for deliverance. Before them lies a seemingly endless expanse of blue – and home, England, is practically within sight, across the choppy waters of the Channel. They go from boat to boat – some even conning their way onto the rickety barges – desperate to get off the cursed beach, as torpedoes attack them from below, and missiles rain like hellfire from the sky.

They’re in need of a miracle.

But help is on its way. Tom Hardy protects them from above, acting, like he did in The Dark Knight Rises, through a mask, and only with his eyes. And his eyes are all he needs to convey the (sometimes scarily suicidal) determination to save his countrymen, as he picks off one Luftwaffe fighter after another – even as his wingmen perish, and his fuel gauge begs him to stop.

Below him, on the water, a civilian Mark Rylance has commandeered a boat, one of the many deployed by the Navy in an effort to aid the evacuation process. With his teenage son, and his son’s eager friend in tow – but without a firm plan – he sails into war.

And with the precision of a watchmaker – time is an oft-repeated motif in the film – Nolan, a master working at the peak of his powers, puts the pieces of this jigsaw together with some of his most effortless editing since Inception. And like Inception, as layer after layer of Dunkirk’s nesting doll structure is uncovered, and when the three stories finally converge after almost two hours of merciless tension, the emotional release is pure ecstasy.

Often, in order to build this tension, the experimental work of genius that it is, Dunkirk spends long stretches in silence. DP Hoyte van Hoytema’s IMAX camera, taking a break from soaring across the skies, wrestling for space among thousands of men, and gazing placidly at the sheer beauty of it all, brings the actors’ faces inches from its own. And these fine performers – mostly young stars (Harry Styles included) – convey wordlessly the torment raging in their characters’ minds.

But because of these periods of silence, and because of Nolan’s refusal to rely on words (or, for that matter, a traditional structure) to tell his story, Hans Zimmer’s terrific score becomes crucial, and slowly, emerges as a character in its own right. Like the film, it is unrelentingly intense, stretched to breaking point as it conjures tension seemingly from nothing.

And such is Nolan’s power at commanding the attention of his audience, that you find yourself overlooking basic flaws. There isn’t a single character in this film that is properly fleshed out, and it fails miserably at the Bechdel Test. But never have these glaring missteps mattered less.

Do you remember what Bruce Wayne said at the end of The Dark Knight Rises? Moments before flying into certain death, he looked at Commissioner Gordon, and growled, “A hero can be anyone.”

And this is the sentiment that Nolan has carried into Dunkirk. These characters aren’t meant to have elaborate backstories or complicated motivations. They’re meant to represent an ideal. They’re meant to embody our bravery and our empathy and our kindness.

A hero can be anyone, from a middle-aged sailor who just wants to teach his son to do the right thing, to a decorated commander who refuses to leave until every last man who serves under him – or even if he doesn’t – has been saved.

Dunkirk is one of the greatest war movies ever made – it’s certainly the tightest, most unwaveringly propulsive film of Christopher Nolan’s career. But it’s also as meditative as The Thin Red Line, as brutal as Saving Private Ryan, and sometimes, even as surreal as Apocalypse Now.

It deserves to be seen big and loud.

Courtesy : Hindustan Times

Watch Game of Thrones- Shooting spot location in Real World

Game of Thrones- Shooting spot location in Real World

as the Seventh season is going to start this month , check out some of the amazing shooting spot of GOT in real world

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Spider-Man: Homecoming -Movie Review, finally a Super hero movie with good Logic.

#Spider-Man: #Homecoming -#Movie #Review, finally a Super hero movie with good Logic.

it’s been a full 13 years since the last really good Spider-Man film, but the drought is finally over. Peter is freshly returned from his adventures in Civil War and trying to to adjust to the tedium of being a sophomore in high school. He might have stolen Cap’s shield, but he’s still just 15 and new to the superhero game.

With more than a decade since Spider-Man last had a great solo film, it almost felt like those halcyon years of Sam Raimi’s first two installment might have been unicorns. But now it seems that director Jon Watts has led another one out of the forest and the drought is finally over with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Yes, the film is good, really good. Is it the best Superhero film ever? No, nowhere close. Is it the best Spider-Man film ever? No, Alfred Molina’s Otto Octavius from 2004’s Spider-Man 2 edges out Homecoming’s Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture (played by Michael Keaton) – but it’s really close. It might be said, however, that this Spider-Man is closest to the flavor of the classic comic character that we’ve seen thus far.

Peter is freshly returned from his adventures in Captain America: Civil War and trying to to adjust to the tedium of being a sophomore in high school. He might have stolen Cap’s shield, but he’s still just 15 and new to the superhero game. Tony Stark is playing the absentee father figure for Peter by keeping him at arm’s length. He’s not an Avenger, Tony points out, and he should just keep things low-key. Be, you know, “your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Try as he might, he keeps stumbling on some construction workers turned arms dealers by salvaging some of the various alien tech that’s laying around New York from the Avenger’s prior battles. The arms dealers are being led and protected by a villain with a highly advanced wing system (this would be the Vulture). Unfortunately getting caught in the crosshairs of arms dealers with advanced weaponry winds up being anything but low-key, and Tony effectively grounds Peter by confiscating his Stark Industries-built suit.

The action with the bad guys is largely solid, though Spidey’s traipsing around on his webs is probably some of the less effective portions of the effects shots. I can’t really put my finger on it, the effects are fine, but it just feels that the cinematography isn’t as strong if he’s not in the midst of a fight at the moment.

Parker’s trials and tribulations around school make up the heart of the film, and surprisingly it doesn’t fall flat. It’s a reasonably diverse set of kids that he hangs out with, and there’s some reasonable depth to most of their archetype characters. Sure, The Breakfast Club they’re not, but neither is it tedious to watch. Both the superhero side as well as the angsty-teen side of the film hold up remarkably well together rather than twiddling your thumbs waiting for the other storyline to kick back in.

As with Ant-Man, this film is far smaller in scope than what we get with the rest of the Avengers. It’s not Thor running around the multiverse, or Iron-Man beating up governments, it’s a local-hero story. He clocks most of his hero-hours capturing bicycle thieves and purse snatchers.

Indeed, the film’s flavor can probably be compared to a mash-up of Ant-Man and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – and not in a bad way. It’s a coming of age film wrapped in a superhero’s spandex suit. Go check it out, it’s worth catching while the crowds are still seeing it for the first time.

And for the record, there are two in-credits scenes for this one.

Courtesy : Bleeding Cool