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Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan(AAA) SIMBU Movie Review

Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan(AAA) SIMBU Movie Review

Twitter review:

The movie will hit the screens in India on Friday, June 23. The early morning shows have been cancelled over the last-minute financial issues between the distributors and the producer. However, the movie had premieres in some overseas centres. Below, find what the international audience are saying about the Simbu’s film:

Praveen‏: #AAA1D #AAA — 2.5/5 Starts like Kabali & ends like Padayappa. Meanwhile I have no clue what the story is about. Waiting for the conclusion.
#AAA #AAA1D — The #MaduraiMichael portion suffers largely due to repetitive scenes that lacks depth & romance half baked. Interval saves.
#AAA1D #AAA — The film is all abt heroism & STR’s punches along with his own references. He rocked as #AshwinThatha, enjoyable some extent.
#AAA #AAA1D — Lacklustre songs from #Yuvan but makes up with sensational trademark themes and bgms, the saviour. Fun moments, occasionally.

Sridevi sreedhar: #AAA1D Superb Rocking introduction scene for @iam_str Entire theatre in frenzy #RathamEnRatham song is awesome
#AnbanavanAsaradhavanAdangadhavan A film for boys! @Adhikravi has packaged #AAA1D strictly for @iam_str fans and they seem to b enjoying

Abishek S: @iam_str ‘energy is one to cherish! @thisisysr ‘s BGM anchors the film @Adhikravi has surprisingly handled a bigger canvass quite well!
After #SivaKumar ayya, @shriya1109 is the healthiest actor on screen! Be it her looks or the performance, nothing has changed!
#AAA1D – First 10 mins had the spike but then slowly resorted to regular glorification of the protagonist! Interval once agin had a high!

Sudhar Shan‏: Madura micheal entry at Kasi theatre for watching #AAA❤ #Sirapu
First half done MaduraMicheal சிறப்புwith Yuvan’s mersal BGM ❤ ** Total Verithanam…

Sandharpavathi: #AAA1D Interval Now : Average 1st Half, #MaduraMichael Episode Over, Now #AshwinThatha Episode To Begin
#AAA1D (3/5) #Simbu Puts His Heart, Soul, Dedication, Everything For This Film, Suspense Factor Is #ThikkuShankar’s Makeover Hats Off #STR

MyGameIsBeyondPain‏: #AAA1D
Worst 1st half of 2017 according to me.
Only saving grace Yuvan s bgm
VTV ganesh testing our patience.

Suganya‏: @iam_str @thisisysr after a long wait, first half over … Sema mass .. waiting for second half with Ashwin thatha #AAA1D

Mersal Navin‏: #AAA1D Intermission.. Gangster cliche…. Intro mass… BGM verithanam… Waiting for #AswinThatha entry… @iam_str

Hariharan Gajendran‏: Many who have watched #AAA1D are speaking about the intriguing climax portion. That’s the positivity that @iam_str & @Adhikravi have given.

Бацтнам’аи‏: #AAA1D premier in uk.First Half Over! @thisisysr & @iam_str back with a bang! So far it is a good entertainer.! @Adhikravi @MahatOfficial


*-1 star

**-2 star

***-3 star

****-4 star

*****- 5 star

WWE WrestleMania 33 results- all matches Highlights

WWE WrestleMania 33 results #WrestleMania

wresstle mania

Cruiserweight Championship (Kickoff Show) — Neville (c) def. Austin Aries via pinfall: Being relegated to the kickoff show didn’t stop Neville and Austin Aries from putting on an exciting match. After a scientific start, the big spots that the cruiserweight division is known for quickly arrived. Aries held his own with Neville from an aerial perspective, overcoming being dropped on his head during a snap German suplex to score near falls following a missile suicide dive and a 450 splash (which followed a hurricanrana from the top rope). Late in the match, Neville broke up a submission attempt by poking Aries in the same eye that he recently recovered from a broken socket. He then landed a picture perfect Red Arrow from the top rope to get the pin.

Mojo Rawley wins Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Kickoff Show): It took an assist from his good friend, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, but Rawley scored the biggest victory of his WWE career. Rawley, himself a former NFLplayer, got pulled out of the ring and attacked late in the battle royal by Jinder Mahal. Gronkowski, who was sitting in the front row, had his drink taken by Mahal, who then took a taste and threw the cup at the NFL star. Gronkowski jumped the barrier and entered the ring, hitting Mahal with a shoulder tackle as the crowd erupted. Rawley went on to eliminate Mahal. The match began with big men Big Show and Braun Strowman cleaning house. After a staredown between the two, Strowman tossed Big Show before being eliminated himself by a group of wrestlers. Dolph Ziggler and Sami Zayn also had hot runs before being eliminated late.

Intercontinental Championship (Kickoff Show) — Dean Ambrose (c) def. Baron Corbin via pinfall to retain the title: In a nod to just how far the importance of the Intercontinental title has waned in recent memory, Ambrose defended his championship during the final match on the kickoff show. WWE waited until minutes before the match to announce. Corbin dominated the early stretch with physicality and a methodical beatdown. Ambrose had his moments in rallying back but could never acquire the upper hand. But as Corbin went to attempt his finishing move, the End of Days, Ambrose flipped out of it. He instantly landed his Dirty Deeds finisher to set up the pin. This hasn’t been the greatest build in recent months and the match was played out similarly average.

AJ Styles def. Shane McMahon via pinfall: It has long been said since his WWE debut in in January 2016 that Styles is capable of making a four-star match with just about anybody. At 47, McMahon isn’t just anybody, and his incredible performance in the opening match of the main card (a surprise placement, no less) helped produce a leading candidate for match of the year.

McMahon, the SmackDown Live commissioner, produced his typical array of physicality and stunning high spots, but it was his ability to wrestle with Styles technically on an even playing ground, including multiple submission reversals, that ultimately made the match. The match has too many major moments to list in order, but McMahon had an early one by intercepting a springboard 450 splash attempt by Styles while on his back, catching him in a Hells Gate submission attempt. Styles then stood McMahon up while still in the hold, applying a sloppy Styles Clash that produced a two count.

Referee Mike Chioda was then accidentally kicked in the head by Styles, which opened up room for weapons to play a role. Styles brought two trash cans into the ring and set McMahon up in the corner to land a Van Terminator. But McMahon stood up in time to catch him with the illegal object before landing a Van Terminator of his own. McMahon went on to miss an elbow from the top rope as Styles escaped with Shane-O-Mac crashing through the announce table. But as Styles looked to capitalize in the ring with a Phenomenal Forearm, McMahon caught him in mid-air and applied a devastating DDT for two, just as the referee came to. McMahon then missed a moonsault from the top rope, allowing Styles to land his forearm finisher to get the pin.

United States Championship — Kevin Owens def. Chris Jericho (c) via pinfall to win the title: While it took a while for the crowd to recover from the Styles-McMahon classic, Owens and Jericho produced a strong match worthy of the reaction it received. After a great buildup in recent months which focus on the deterioration of their friendship, Owens used a power bomb on the ring apron to finish off Jericho. The match was physical throughout featuring a steady stream of creative counter moves. Late in the match, Jericho kicked out of a Pop-Up Powerbomb finisher and countered a second one with a Codebreaker. But as he went for the pin, Owens was able to extend one finger to the ropes to break it in, which set up the finish.

Raw Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match — Bayley (c) def. Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax to retain the title: A match that not only featured a number of creative, multi-person high spots also saw a relatively surprise ending as Bayley retained her Raw title. Jax showcased her unique physicality early on and proved able to hang with the other three women before being eliminated by a triple power bomb, followed by a pin in which all three stacked on top of each other.

The biggest spot of the match came from Flair, who landed a beautiful corkscrew moonsault from the top rope, onto both Banks and Bayley on the floor. Charlotte went on to score the second elimination by kicking out of a roll-up pin attempt from Banks and sending her face first into an exposed turnbuckle, leading to a pin.

The finish, however, was relatively tame as Bayley landed a back body drop on Charlotte off the top rope and connected with a flying elbow to finish the match. The one thing the match did not do was further the storyline between Bayley and Banks, which has included heel-turn teases from Banks. Order of elimination: Jax, Banks, Flair.

Raw Tag Team Championship Fatal Four-Way Ladder Match — The Hardy Boyz def. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (c), Enzo Amore & Big Cass, Sheamus & Cesaro and The Hardy Boyz to win the titles: The 12th ladder match in WrestleMania history received an incredible upgrade with the surprise announcement from The New Day that a fourth team was being added. Matt and Jeff Hardy received a huge pop from the crowd in their first appearance with WWE since 2009 and went on to score a shocking victory, which set off fireworks in the stadium.

All eight members of the match combined for a number of memorable spots but the finish was the most spectacular. Matt Hardy connected with a stunning Twist of Fate from the top of the main ladder on Anderson. Jeff Hardy immediately following with his trademark Swanton Bomb from the tallest ladder outside, crashing onto Sheamus, who was laying prone on a ladder balancing on the ring apron. Matt Hardy immediately ran back up the main ladder to pull down the title belts.

John Cena & Nikki Bella def. The Miz & Maryse via pinfall: Real-life couple Cena and Bella teamed up for the first time in a mixed tag team match any a PPV. Afterwards, they teamed up for life when Cena proposed in the center of the ring. Bella received her WrestleMania moment and shed real tears after Cena put the ring on her finger. The moment capped a relatively tame match that was largely carried by The Miz’s strong heel work and ability to play to the crowd. Maryse, who was making her first in-ring appearance since 2011, did nothing more than slap Cena and eat a flurry of punches from Bella after a long-awaited hot tag. Bella also landed a suicide dive onto The Miz outside the ring in the match’s biggest spot. The finish came as Cena and Bella teamed up for a double five-knuckle shuffle and a double AA, before simultaneously pinning The Miz and Maryse.

Non-Sanctioned Match — Seth Rollins def. Triple H via pinfall: Rollins overcame an injured right knee and steady interference from Stephanie McMahon to gain revenge on Triple H in their non-sanctioned match. After a series of counter attempts by both to avoid each other’s Pedigree finishing move late in the match, Triple H was sent to the ropes where he narrowly avoided striking McMahon, who was standing on the ring apron. He turned back around to eat a super kick with the momentum sending him back into McMahon, who crashed through a table on the floor. Rollins then hit a Pedigree to get the pin in an electric finish. The 25-minute match featured plenty of high spots and selling from Rollins after Triple H used chairs and submission attempts to target his knee. The momentum of the match grew with each spot, slowly waking up the crowd.

The entrances were also strong as Triple H and McMahon drove a motorcycle behind a police motorcade down the ramp. Rollins, meanwhile, brought out a torch and lit the floor, igniting a flame across the video screen on the ramp all the way to the ring. In the end, Samoa Joe never appeared despite playing a big role in the build to the match.

WWE Championship — Randy Orton def. Bray Wyatt (c) via pinfall to win the title: Despite a seven-month build to get to WrestleMania, featuring a dark storyline and strong attention to detail, Wyatt’s star-making title reign came to a disappointing and abrupt end. In a head-scratching finish, Randy Orton connected on an RKO to pin Wyatt clean, handing him yet another loss on a major pay-per-view. The match will be best remembered for its unique special effects, which happened each time Wyatt bent over backwards in the corner to channel the evil spirit Sister Abigail. The house lights would dim, revealing a projection screen on the ring which showed videos of maggots, worms and cockroaches. The in-ring action was solid but far from unspectacular. Both wrestlers landed their respective finishing moves outside the ring. Wyatt later hit his Sister Abigail in the center of the ring but Orton kicked out. The victory made Orton a 13-time WWE world champion.

Universal Championship — Brock Lesnar (c) def. Goldberg via pinfall to win the title: After combining for just over five minutes of in-ring action against each other during the five-month build, Lesnar and Goldberg combined for four minutes and 47 seconds at WrestleMania. And it was a spectacular car-wreck.

In a perfectly booked conclusion to a storyline which saw Lesnar routinely get surprised by the 50-year-old Goldberg, “The Beast” earned revenge when it mattered most to regain the title. Lesnar survived a pair of early spears, including one through a barricade wall outside the ring and later kicked out of a Jackhammer. Along the way, he handed out 10 different German suplexes — seven in a row at one point — to the delight of the crowd and finally finished Goldberg with an F5. Lesnar, who leaped over a spear attempt from Goldberg in the match’s best spot, wears a world title for the first time since walking into WrestleMania 31 in 2015 with the WWE championship.

SmackDown Women’s Championship — Naomi def. Alexa Bliss (c), Carmella, Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Natalya, Naomi via submission to win the title: In a chaotic six-woman setup that served as a popcorn match before the main event, Naomi regained the SmackDown title in front of her hometown fans. The brief match featured a trio of fun spots. Lynch intercepted an interfering James Ellsworth to block his No Chin Music and put him into a suplex. Natalya then put both Naomi and Carmella into a creative double sharpshooter while they were stacked up. Naomi also landed a splash over the top rope onto all five opponents on the floor. In the end, Naomi forced reigning champion Bliss to tap out via submission in the center of the ring to capture the title she relinquished in recent months due to injury.

No Holds Barred Match — Roman Reigns def. The Undertaker via pinfall: Whatever The Undertaker had left in his body at the age of 52 entering his 25th WrestleMania match, Reigns squeezed him dry. In a plodding main event that lacked the buzz and intensity of the early matches on the card, Reigns needed five spears (including one through the Spanish announce table, another with extra momentum from the ring ropes) and even more Superman punches to finally prevent The Deadman from kicking out. With Hall of Famer Jim Ross on the call for the main event, Reigns finished out the last match at WrestleMania for the third straight year, telling at The Undertaker throughout that, “This is my yard.” After the grueling 25-minute match, Taker put back on his black hat and coat to soak up the final cheers before taking them off (along with his gloves) and leaving them in the center of the ring, signaling what will likely be his last match. His WrestleMania record fell to 23-2.

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Heroes in race for Rajamouli’s 1000 crore project Garuda after Bahubali-2

Ace director Rajamouli has almost confirmed that his next project will be much bigger than  Bahubali. Recently in a town hall session happened at IIT Madras, he confessed that his movie will be on the Indian Epic Super hero bird man “Garuda”. Garuda is one of the prominent role in the Hindu Mythology and also in Buddhism. He also said that this project will be in par to international level and much bigger than Bahubali. No wonder that the project will be og 1000 crores. So what makes the things so interesting is “Whom he would be choosing for the lead role”? We have learnt that currently he has two heroes on mind and one of them would be given the lead role. The two heroes in race for Rajamouli’s 1000 crore project Garuda after Bahubali-2 are Jr. NTR and Mahes Babu. Let us have a sneak peak about the hot topic of Tolly wood.

Chances for Jr NTR : Pros and Cons

SS Rajamouli, NTR

Rajamouli and Jr NTR are the most successful hero and director pair in the industry. The three movies done by them are Block Busters and Simhadri has helped both of them to attain stardom in their career. It has to be accepted that both of them has a good rapport too. Jr NTR already knew the work style of Rajamouli. Being a historical film, it would definitely has some long lengthened dialogues and Jr NTR already showed his capability in dealing with those type of roles. His diction and screen presence would definitely does the justice to the character. However, comparatively Jr NTR doesn’t have much market in other states this is the major con. As this movie being made with whooping budget it has to do exceptionally well all over the country. So it is a biased situation. But still one has to remember that even Prabhas doesn’t have much market and it is actually the movie which has to hit the right  chords with the audience

So is it Mahesh Babu ?

mahesh babu with rajmouli

Mahesh has got good overseas market and all his films does exceptionally good irrespective of results in Karnataka state too. As Srimanthudu been dubbed in Tamil and has done a decent business, Mahesh Babu’s next flick with Murgodas is a bilingual and it is sure that Mahesh is already set to hit the other states market. So in a business angle Mahesh would be a idle choice. But on the other side Mahesh has not been seen in any historical plot until now and one is very unsure about his capability in dealing them. But Mahesh always surprises with his acting in the films. So it might not be a cake walk but he can also sure does justice.


So what is Garuda Story ?

Garuda is a humanoid bird and he is considered to be eternal enemy of Nagaraja (snake). This eagle kind creature mainly feed on snakes. According to sources the plot of this movie will be the war between Garuda and Nagaraja, where the Nagaraja character could be played by Malayalam Super star Mohan lal. So even we are excited to see who is the Garuda. It is said it would take 2 years at least for the movie to hit the floor.


Jack White’s Third Man gets back to business in Detroit

DETROIT — An old romance is getting rekindled.

Eighteen years after the White Stripes made their first-ever appearance at a small Cass Corridor club, musician Jack White is at last linking back up with the fabled Detroit neighborhood.

Friday will bring the opening of his Third Man Records complex in Detroit — part retail shop, part record plant, part concert space and, if all goes as hoped, a tourist destination that celebrates the neighborhood’s artsy, edgy legacy.

Doors will open at 10 a.m. Friday, with a day of festivities that will include in-store performances by the Gories, Lillie Mae Rische and Margo Price. White, who directed the store’s design, is expected to be on hand.

Housed at 441 Canfield next door to Shinola — in a building now co-owned by that boutique manufacturer and Third Man — the store is a spinoff of the colorful Nashville headquarters White built after leaving Detroit in 2005. But the new site will have its own distinctive claim to fame: a 10,000-square-foot record-pressing operation in back, featuring eight new presses built by a young German firm.

The vinyl plant should be up and running by spring, becoming the first in Detroit since Archer Record Pressing opened on Davison half a century ago. Visitors will be able to watch the action through windows inside the shop.

Nine staffers have already been hired, and two dozen more jobs may be filled by the time the plant is fully operational, said Ben Blackwell, Third Man’s co-founder and vinyl director.

The homecoming project is the latest creative venture from White, who told the Free Press last year that he’s driven by “a need to create something new all the time.”

“From my perspective, he’s always looking for the next big inspiration,” said Third Man co-founder Ben Swank, who runs the company’s book-publishing arm. “It’s so important for him to always move forward. He’s the kind of guy who says: ‘If there’s a line out the door, you should expand.’ And that’s where we’re at. It’s nice to come back to Detroit.”

Third Man’s Nashville store, which draws about 300 daily visitors, is the public face of a company hub that includes studios, distribution facilities and a staff led by Detroit transplants. Alongside the vinyl records and signature yellow-and-black scheme, the wares there are eccentric and offbeat: kitschy novelty items, kiddie turntables, an old-timey recording booth.

“In Nashville, it’s not the crowd you’d get for a regular record store. It’s more of a destination,” said Blackwell. “I don’t want to say ‘souvenir shop,’ but it is more in line with Loretta Lynn’s dude ranch or Willie Nelson’s biodiesel truck stop in Texas than it is with UHF Records in Royal Oak.”

Ever the showman attuned to the power of mystery, White has divulged few specifics about the Detroit store. Third Man staffers have played coy since their June announcement, with Swank joking that “I’m sworn by law to keep secrecy” and saying only that the 4,000-square-foot shop will feature “a dazzling array of contraptions and attractions.”

White’s affection for the Cass Corridor — part of the revitalized district that’s been formally dubbed Midtown — goes even deeper than the White Stripes and the neighborhood venues that incubated Detroit’s garage-rock revival in the late 1990s.

In a 2014 Free Press interview, White recalled a galvanizing day as a 19-year-old when he realized “I can do it myself.”

“There was a moment in the fall in Detroit, getting out of my car and going to a class at Wayne State and parking on Cass and walking,” he said. “I just took a really deep breath, and everything was in front of me. I could do whatever I wanted to do. I wasn’t in high school anymore. I didn’t have to mess around with people who were just goofing around in life.”

While Friday’s store opening will grab the bulk of attention for now, it’s the record plant that could really keep the site humming over the long haul.

Vinyl is built into Third Man’s mission, with an ever-growing catalog of more than 300 titles, including that inaugural White Stripes gig at the Gold Dollar from July 1997. The company has been right in the thick of a wider vinyl resurgence driven by young consumers: Vinyl album sales in the U.S. are up 260% since 2009, according to Nielsen Music, with 9.2 million sold in 2014.

For Blackwell, a longtime vinyl lover with a fascination for long-forgotten Detroit music, the hometown operation is a chance to draw others into his personal passion.

“To be able to walk in and see a vinyl record pressing plant … you can’t just walk into any building and see that every day,” he said. “Folks need to see that, because there’s a beauty to it that’s really compelling.”

For years, Third Man has farmed out its record production to outside plants, which have become increasingly backed up amid the explosive vinyl demand. The need for an in-house option became clear last year, Blackwell said, when Third Man was unable to promptly fill distributors’ orders for White’s Lazaretto album, which went on to sell 200,000 vinyl copies.

“The only way to solve that problem is to have more presses on hand,” he said.

But getting hold of decades-old machines was no easy task and — as far as anyone knew — nobody was building new ones. After a deep search that led to a dead-end in Mexico, Blackwell stumbled onto the German company Newbilt, which had quietly started manufacturing vinyl presses.

With the gear due to head across the Atlantic by boat in December, Blackwell and company have been readying the factory space, installing generators and water lines.

“This goes beyond me starting a record label in my bedroom when I was in high school,” he said with a laugh.

Detroit music will be a big focus, including vinyl reissues of early Motown singles as part of a new deal with Universal Music. Nine Tamla Records titles will hit the shelves Friday, including music by the Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Barrett Strong. More Motown is on the way, Blackwell said, and he envisions a Detroit vinyl catalog spanning “all genres across all eras” — perhaps everything from Bob Seger to Carl Craig.

That hometown theme will be emphasized inside the store.

“We want to do lots of in-store (events),” said Swank. “There’s a film series we do in Nashville that we want to do here as well. Poetry readings, art shows. We want all that stuff to carry over. It’s important to be part of the community and cultural conversation.”

A Third Man presence in Detroit was inevitable, said Blackwell, if not part of a grand master plan. The inspiration for the Canfield store grew out of talks earlier this year with Shinola about partnering on other projects.

“Since day one of being set up in Nashville, we’ve always wanted to do something in Detroit,” said Blackwell. “Part of it was getting our footing in Nashville. We couldn’t have done this five years ago. We didn’t have it all figured out. This came about organically — it wasn’t like, ‘OK, we need to go to Detroit, find a space and set up a store.'”

Regardless, said Blackwell, it’s good to be home.

“This was the only place we ever looked to after Nashville,” he said. “Roots and family — all of it is here.”


Tom Cruise to Star In “THE MUMMY” Reboot

Tom Cruise can’t stop, won’t stop. The action star incarnate recently wrapped on his drug-smuggling thriller Mena before heading directly into production on Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Cruise was looking to squeeze in Doug Liman‘s long-in-development moon heist film Luna Park next spring before heading off to filmMission: Impossible 6 in August, but now that Liman has been swooped up forGambit, Cruise was left with a hole in his schedule. Obviously, he wasn’t just going to take a vacation like some plebeian, so now he’s lining up another massive studio project — and potential franchise starter — with Universal’s The Mummy reboot.

Variety reports that Cruise is in talks to lead The Mummy, but there are currently no details regarding what his is (though a follow-up tweet suggests he will play an ex-Navy Seal facing a female mummy)…presumably not the mummy because the undead just aren’t super good at running.  Alex Kurtzman, who played a major role in developing Universal’s new monster universe alongside Chris Morgan, is on board to direct and produce. No details are known about the story at this point, butJon Spaights is writing the script, which will take place in the modern day.


Cruise is an unexpected choice to headline the new monster universe, indicating a very A-list, action-heavy approach to the material. It’s long been known that Universal is looking to turn the monsters reboot into anAvengers-style shared universe, but the tone of the new universe hasn’t been totally clear. There was a loud outcry when word went around that the monsters would lose their horror roots in lieu of an action-based based approach, but when I asked Kurtzman his thoughts back in July, he asserted that they would be a horror-adventure hybrid. Putting Cruise in a key role definitely indicates that The Mummy will be firmly planted in the action world, but the actor seems to have an interest in the classic monsters and was previously attached to star in a Van Helsing reboot (also with Kurtzman).

Cruise is not currently expected to produce, but the report states that he will play a major role in developing the new franchise, and is expected to play not only a major role in The Mummy, but the larger shared universe. I’ll be curious to see ifChristopher McQuarrie, who regularly does re-writes and polishes on Cruise’s scripts, ends up in the mix on this one.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see Cruise go toe-to-toe with a mummy? Does this feel like the direction you’d like to see the new monster universe headed? Sound off in the comments below.

UPDATE: Deadline reports that both Universal and Tom Cruise’s representatives have “adamantly” denied that there is a deal in the works. However, it’s worth noting that THR also reported Universal is eyeing Cruise in an anchor role for the film. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.


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Aamir Khan Says the Raising Intolerence in country wants him to leave India

#Aamir Khan Joins ‘Intolerance’ Debate, Says Wife Even Suggested Leaving India
Actor Aamir Khan today joined the debate on the growing ‘intolerance’ and said he has been “alarmed” by a number of incidents, and that his wife Kiran Rao even suggested that they should probably leave the country.
“As an individual, as part of this country as a citizen, we read in the papers what is happening, we see it on the news and certainly, I have been alarmed. I can’t deny. I have been alarmed by a number of incidents,” Mr Khan said while speaking at the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards.
The 50-year-old actor said he also feels that the sense of fear and insecurity has been growing.
“When I chat with Kiran at home, she says, ‘Should we move out of India?’ That’s a disastrous and big statement for Kiran to make. She fears for her child. She fears what the atmosphere around us will be. She feels scared to open the newspapers every day,” he said. “That does indicate that there is this sense of growing disquiet, there is growing despondency apart from alarm.”
Voicing his support for Aamir, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: “BJP should stop silencing voices through abuses and threats. It’s high time that Central government took concrete steps to instil sense of security amongst people.”
Over the last few weeks, in the backdrop of events that have given rise to charges of growing intolerance in society, the NDA government has come under fire from the opposition and a section of civil society. President Pranab Mukherjee has repeatedly reinforced the message of tolerance and unity and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had faced questions on it during his recent trip to UK.
Underscoring the importance of the stance taken by political leaders, Mr Khan said, “People who are our elected representatives, state or centre… we look upon these people to take a strong stance, to make a strong statement, speed up the legal process”.
The sense of insecurity grows “when we don’t see that happening,” he added.
Mr Khan endorsed the move by scientists, writers and filmmakers, who had come under fire from a section for returning their awards to register their protest. For creative people, it is important to voice what they feel, he said.
Asked if he endorsed the protests by the people, Mr Khan said he would as long as it was non-violent, as “all individuals have a right to protest and they can protest in any manner that they feel is right as long as they are not taking the law into their hands.”