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WWE funny moments 2015 latest

watch the funny moment in WWE by BigShow

a referee pinfalls bigshow funny in live event

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WWE Survivor Series Results and Highlights 2015

Just wanted to give my take on tonight’s #survivor #Series:

1. Tournament Match: #Roman Reigns vs #Alberto Del Rio not a bad match i honestly think Del Rio should not have been in the tournament to begin with only because he is to good to be losing to reigns not taking anything away from reigns i just think Del Rio is in another league compared to him

2. Tournament Match: Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens i really liked these two i can see this going somewhere with ambrose taking the ic belt in the very near future

3. Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Ryback, The Lucha Dragons and The usos vs new day wade barret and sheamus this was a decent match but lets call it what it was a time filler

4. Divas Championship Match: Charlotte vs Paige these ladies put on a hell of a match charlotte looked like she owned the ring tonight not taking anything away from paige i was just impressed with charlotte.

5. Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler man what can you say about these two they are awesome this feud is going to go places and it has me wanting to go along for the ride

6. The Undertaker and Kane vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper from the beginning to the end i enjoyed the hell out of this match takers entrance was i believe one of the best I’ve ever seen i would have loved to see a different outcome in this match but it is what it is and i can only assume it will eventually have bray going over on taker at mania.

7. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: reigns vs ambrose while very predictable reigns and ambrose put it all out there and it was a hell of a match i honestly would love to see these two go at it again.

THATS IT GUYS Sheamus is the new champion

Sheamus Defeats Roman Reigns to Become New WWE World Heavyweight Champion

#wwe……. what a match it was


First the final was between Dean #ambrose and #Roman reigns the #Sheamus deposited his money in the bank case and defeated ROMAN REIGNS to become the new WWE world heavy weight champion.

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Who will win the world heavyweight championship in SURVIVOR SERIES

whom do you think gonna win the championship in the upcoming survivor series this sunday my guess is definitely roman reigns,but there can be many twist in this .

Before that there is a semi-final match between Roman Reigns VS alberto delrio and Kevin owens VS Dean Ambrose ,just think if roman and ambrose win in semi-final the they both have to fight with each other which will be very interesting because they both are best friends and tag team partners.

This survivor series 2015 will going to be very awesome for all the WWE fans.


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