The support for Aamir khan is getting High, Rs.2lakhs for those who slap SHIV SENA leader.


                   The hatred over Aamir khan has been growing all over the country since the past few days, at the same time many of them are also showing their support towards him using social media with Hashtags like #IStandWithAamir etc

                  yesterday the #shiv sena has  also announced that they will give      Rs.1 LAKH for those who slap aamir khan for his remarks on Intolerance.

                    Mean while a Muslim Organisation in south india called as Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath has shown support for aamir khan and they have also condemned #shivsena For their brutal remark which can Invoke violence.

                here’s their response to Shiv Sena for such statement

                    Those who Slap the shiv sena Leader Uddhav Thackeray in public will be awarded with Rs.2 LAKHS on behalf of their Organisation because for their violent statement.

here is what they have stated in their poster which has been circulated all over the state


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