IIT student receives an offer from Google worth Rs.2 crores

Abhishek Pant, a final-year Computer Science student from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has grabbed a Rs 2 crore job at Google.

The 22-year-old completed a three-month internship at Google California earlier this year.
Though he has not been assigned any project yet, he will be joining the company in September 2016.

“The journey from Pune to Kharagpur and Kharagpur to Google Mount View in California has been quite exciting. I had a great experience working there as an intern. A job offer is the icing on the cake,” Pant told the Times of India.

He broke the record of Chetan Kakkar, a DTU graduate who grabbed an offer of Rs 1.27 crore per annum from Google.

Being a foodie,  Pant is also looking forward to the great variety of food offered at the tech giant’s campus. He said, one of his main activities during the internship was to try out different cuisines there.

Abhishek Pant. Photo credit: Facebook


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