How to make a sleep mask… EASY STEPS

#sleep #mask in easy steps

Materials you will need

  • Felt
  • Glue for fabric
  • Elastic (Better if it’s golden)
  • Gold sequins
  • Gold tread
  • Sleep mask pattern


Step 1

Print out or draw the pattern and cut out. I know mine is not perfectly draw so if you want to make your one you should take into account that the eyelids must be bigger that the eyelashes so when you stick the eyelids you can create a 3-D effect.


Step 2

Trace around the pattern with a permanent marker. You will need two pieces of the mask and two eye lids. You will also need to draw the eyelashes on the black felt. If you don’t have black felt just paint the blue one with the permanent marker. Cut them out.



Step 3

Glue the eyelashes to the underside of the eyelids. Set these aside to dry. Meanwhile glue one end from each piece of the elastic to either side of the mask.


While you let these two dry, take the other piece of the mask and cut four pieces with the size of the eyebrows from the gold thread. Glue two of them on each eyebrow.


Step 4

When everything is dry is time to glue the eye lids. In order to create a 3-D effect first you should glue the top on the eyelid. Once it’s dry glue the sides trying to make them “bubble up”, two pegs can be very handy in these step.


Step 5

Glue the two main pieces of the mask together, put an extra of glue on the elastic part.


Step 6

Glue the gold sequins all the way around the edge on the front of the mask.


Step 7

Since I didn’t own a gold elastic and the white one didn’t look very well, I decided to paint it golden with the astor colour pop and a brush.


So this is the final result. I hope you liked this DIY and if you try it at home I’d love to see the results, so you can share them with me trough twitter or instagram.



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