Microsoft: Company Announces Data Centers in Germany to Avoid US Government Surveillance

#Microsoft announced clients would be able to pay for the option to store information in data centers operated by #Deutsche Telekom AG following reports of surveillance by U.S. intelligence agents.

“Since the European Court of Justice last month scrapped the Safe Harbor Agreement, U.S. Internet companies have responded by bulking up data centers in the EU.


Microsoft will manage data Europeans in Germany

Microsoft is going to save the data of Europeans in data centers in Germany, in order to protect its customers against surveillance of the US
Reported FT Wednesday. Microsoft sets new data centers in Germany, which are controlled by telecom provider Deutsche Telekom.
In this way, the data of European Microsoft customers both technically and legally in European hands are preserved, and so fall outside the scope of the US.
It is the first time that takes up a large technology in such a way measures to keep the information from its customers outside the reach of the American spy programs.
Additional payment
The German data center will open late 2016, and will be used only to store the information of European Microsoft users.
However, the use of which European data centers more cost than the existing cloud services from Microsoft.
That rules should be the result of which would be Microsoft legally can not be held liable for the data of its European customers.
Governments that still have access to the data would like, would they have to regulate according to German privacy laws and by German authorities.
Dutch data center
Wednesday was also a new Microsoft data center operational in the Dutch Central Lake.
This center is used for cloud services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The center is an addition to the Microsoft data center in Ireland.
That Irish center is still under the control of Microsoft. In the US, trying to get the government through a trial access to e-mails from an American that is stored on that server Irish.

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