Chetan Bhagat: Author Criticized After ‘What Do Historians Do?’ Tweet in Twitter


An idiotic writer amassed with hype – and with lowest level of IQ passes comments on historians & litterateurs. Fine you have lowered the bar of language with your easy going level of writing but that doesn’t give you right to judge the work of other people and put them down. Hope you have heard the name of Mr. R.K Narayan, who also wrote in a easy language for the benefit of masses. But his books have so much intellectual depth and emotions – unlike your lecherous work, which you claim to be stories.

And the Greatest Literary Talent of our Proud Nation has spoken yet again!
Every time he opens his mouth, it’s a new Revelation!!
Truly, who could have guessed that the Historians do ‘This’, if they hadn’t decided to protest against the “highly vitiated atmosphere prevailing in the country , characterized by various forms of intolerance“, and Mr. Bhagat hadn’t decided to reveal their secret to us!!!
Thanks Mr. Genius for sharing your wisdom with ignorant and dull commonfolk such as us.
And may you come up with you next Literary Masterpiece soon.

“I am genuinely curious. This happened. Then this happened. Then this. Ok work done for the day,” Bhagat tweeted Friday, reportedly in response to historians’ protest over intolerance in India.

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