World Wrestling Entertainment WWE is one of the biggest Network in the World. it has millions of fans and followers all around the world,but the fact is before it was called as World Wrestling Federation, but how the name changed?


in early 90’s WWF was famous all around the world and it had a huge market but at the same the United Nation Organization was in a discussion to protect the wildlife in the world and they started a organization called as WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE in short it was called as WWF. Both of the WWF were very famous among people and so it created a big confusion.

so the UNO requested the Wrestling federation to change its name because wwf is created for a cause rather than as a business, on this request the WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION changed it name to WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT (WWE).since may will hesitate to change their name because they fear that there fame and popularity among people will go down but WWE decided to change their name instead, so we should surely appreciate this step taken by the WWE head and authority.

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