PlayStation: Survey Asks Some Users for Feedback on Potential Features, Report Says

The survey mentions potential PlayStation features including notifications when friends come online, and was posted on NeoGAF by user Saint of Killers, according to

All the resources, best technology, and this is the Best PS4 can do? People can talk all the crap they want about Xbox but you guys are just getting features that we have had since i got my Xbox 36o back in 2006. And like ive said a million times the PS4 dashboard looks like the dashboard of an Old school sony dvd player. If you havent experienced and Xbox One i just say give it a try, and decide for yourself.
@gamespot: PS4 survey asks if you want to change your PSN ID, have more PS2 games & custom backgrounds

Here’s the full list of potential features from the survey:

– Notifications when friends come online
– PS2 classics
– Folders
– PS1 classics
– ‘Appear offline’ mode
– Hide / completely remove items from library (e.g. demos)
– Delete items from your library
– Filtering options in game libraries (e.g. installed only, download only, genre)
– Download avatars on PS4
– Custom backgrounds
– Store wish list
– Increase max no. of people in a party
– Change PSN ID

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