Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has begun selling the device through its online store and other retailers. The Surface Pro 4 runs on Windows 10 software and features a 12.3-inch screen with a detachable keyboard.

surface book

“The new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard upgrade to my Surface Pro 3 arrived today. The touchpad is certainly better, the keys are a lot stiffer, so it seems like a good upgrade. But I don’t know what toxic chemicals they make these things out of because it smells bad. I think the original did too so maybe they calm down after outgassing for a while. The big decision now is whether to stick the pen loop on the left or right side of the keyboard. Microsoft seems to think it belongs on the left, I put it on the right of my old one and that works, but I can’t remember the rationale I had for doing it that way and whether it would be better the other way or not”, Says Steve Prior

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs Apple iPad Pro: A Specs And Features Shakedown

With all the hoopla surrounding the unexpected and impressive looking Surface Book that was announced yesterday, it might be easy to forget that Microsoft also announced the Surface Pro 4, which is a rather respectable follow-up to the previously well-received Surface Pro 3.
Last month, we did a specs and feature comparison which pitted the Surface Pro 3 against the Apple iPad Pro — it wasn’t exactly a fair fight given the “elder” status of the Surface Pro 3, but with the arrival of the Surface Pro 4, the gloves can finally come off as Microsoft goes head-to-head against the best that Cupertino has to offer.


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