J.R.R. Tolkien: Author’s Annotated Map of Middle-Earth Discovered in Copy of ‘Lord of the Rings’

Tolkien’s map was found in a copy of the novel owned by illustrator Pauline Baynes, multiple publications reported. The map also shows that Hobbiton is on the same latitude as Oxford, England.

Recently revealed and annotated notes on Tolkien’s maps of middle earth remind me of just how down to earth Tolkien wanted to be in telling stories. He knew what war was like and wanted like us, as parents and teachers, to not only know what makes it happen ( easy bit ) but to teach us how be reconciled and win in personal and community terms in spite of it. Some seriously good light at end of dark tunnels .
“The map shows how completely obsessed he was with the details.Anyone else interfered at their peril,” said Sian Wainwright at Blackwell’s


As many of you know my work is in understanding how landscapes work and how all the animals use/ used that land , Like the study of faith , war and human nature , this science gets some of its concreteness from the study of history. The links indeed between these areas are so powerful and strong for me that I grieve over the constant falling into quicksand that is all around us over ” causes” and ” solutions” .People get 1st one wrong and 2nd is worse .
The landscape , by contrast is old , solid and rewards you with a feeling of home, but only if you study respect ,understand and fully accept its threats. So too the faith of our forefathers.

I have no doubt that one of the great threats to secularism of our day is the stale slow linear pedantry than keeps people engaged in logic and rational discourse, but that teaches them little and leaves them never coming to a source for inspiration. see fascinatinglandscapes FB


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