Batman V Superman Story Revealed ..!!!!!

The thesis was created by Rick, editor. Brazilian pop culture specialists.

ATTENTION: What you’re going to read below is a summary of a thesis with 15 chapters and more than 50 images. In this summary, some things may not make sense without further context. So, first you must read this draft and if you were interested, you should then read the complete thesis by clicking the bottom a the bottom of this post.

Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas are the executive producers of Batman V superman.

The Nolan trilogy ended with a few loose ends. The negative reaction to Gal Gadot’s Wonder woman, Jesse Eisenberg’s Luthor and Ben Affleck’s Batman back when they were announced led to almost 150,000 people signing a petition asking them to turn down their roles…

Journalist Revelation

In March 2014, as we can see above, many sites reported that an anonymous writer claimed to know official information that BvS would take place in the Nolanverse. Two months before, the Brazilian journalist Ana maria Bahiana reported the following:

“I just know from a good source – Ben Affleck will not be Batman in Zach snyder’s batman v superman movie “

Are these journalists wrong or is there something more to this thesis?

Should We Expect a Plot twist?

From Empire Strikes Back and The Sixth Sense to The Dark Knight Rises, many movies have included plot twists that shocked fans worldwide.

Before Batman Begins was released, it was reported that Liam Neeson would play Henry Ducard and Ken Watanabe would play Ra’s al Ghul. Of course, now we know that Ken Watanabe was a puppet and Liam Neeson was the real Ra’s al Ghul. But at the time, Watanabe even gave interviews as if he were playing Ra’s al Ghul.

Magazines, interviews and official marketing has helped in hide Plot twists :

But , the Oscar-winning actor, Ben Kingsley wasn’t the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 . He was a puppet.

In this post, I have gathered evidence about something very similar that is currently happening before the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and therefore changing the entire DC extended universe as we know it.

In the form of comics and animation, DC has already given us ‘Robin-joker’ and ‘Robin-villain’ hybrids. As soon as Jared Leto was cast as Joker, I was the first to say (in English) that he was Robin. There are a lot of mysteries in DC universe on big screen, so let’s begin!

Thesis Explanation

In the first trailer, we are shown graffiti on pillars featuring the Riddler’s symbol. I believe that this doesn’t imply the Riddler will be in the film, but instead indicates that there is a great enigma to be solved in the upcoming movie. But what enigma could this be?

Above you can see a screenshot from the Batman v Superman trailer. It shows Wayne’s logo and Ben Affleck, but something is strange about the image. The trailer shows Affleck talking on the phone, and this indicates that the character knows he is going to the Wayne Enterprises’ building. It seems unnecessary to leave a piece of metal near him to explain everything again, but what we deduce from this is that the trailer (clearly) tries to corroborate that Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. However, there has since been information that alludes to this being a bluff, similar to Watanabe as Ra’s al Ghul. Stay with me here, because I’m about to explain why…

Ben Affleck is NOT Bruce Wayne!

That is the basis of what could be the biggest plot twist since Vader’s epic reveal in Empire Strikes Back. But keep calm and don’t jump to the comments section before reading the proof.

Ben Affleck is Batman, but he’s not Bruce Wayne’s Batman. Instead, he will be another character wearing the cowl, something that we have seen many times in comic books. Man of Steel tried to show a realistic Superman because of the success of the Nolanverse (note that Nolan and Goyer both worked on Man of Steel and BvS). At the time that Man of Steel came out, it was never stated whether the movie was related to the Nolanverse or not. However, there is a lot of evidence that proves that this could be the case. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Joker (Heath Ledger) are happening within the same universe as Jared Leto’s Joker and Ben Affleck’s Batman!

Jared leto’s shoulder marks that also appear on Robin’s costume confirm that this Joker was Robin (or was at least wearing this costume!), but which Robin? Well, the same Robin John Blake that was played by Joseph Gordon Levitt! They changed the actors to outwit fans, but look at how similar Leto and Gordon-Levitt are in terms of height, weight and face.

The clue was even in the name, ‘John blake,‘ the first and last two letters spelling JOKE. Just to add intrigue, the song in the Suicide Squadtrailer is a remixed song of the Bee Gees’s ‘I Started a Joke,’ containing the lyrics:

“I started a joke which started the whole world crying. But I didn’t see that the joke was on me.”

Which joke is being referred to?

1. I started a joke which started the whole world crying.

2. But I didn’t see that the joke was on me.

3. As Joker, he writes ‘Hahaha, Joke’s on you Batman’ on the Robin costume. Why?

Answer :

1. Well, the end of the Nolan trilogy! It was a joke that Robin John Blake started because the trilogy will continue. When the trilogy ended, everyone cried. Many people even signed a petition and complained in order to get another Batman movie.

2. However, Robin John Blake is the character that continues the trilogy on the big screen, the joke was on him: john blake.

3. Because Ben Affleck isn’t Bruce Wayne.

The “Joke” sprayed graffiti on Robin’s suit shows up below ‘R’ (for Robin) and Jared Leto’s ‘J’ tattoo:

With this in mind, the big secret is that the Nolanverse will be used to give a platform to the DC extended universe, not Man of Steel!

Many people said that Nolan lost time developing Robin in The Dark Knight Rises, despite ending the film with his character in an important role. Some people said it was as if they had planned to continue. But do you think that Nolan’s development of Robin was pure guesswork? This may seem farfetched, but didn’t Nolan just do something very similar with the appearance of Matt Damon in Interstellar? Nobody knew he would appear in the movie, but yet there he is! Well, in the same fashion, Christian Bale will be a surprise actor in the franchise. This can be backed up by sources claiming to spoil BvS, such as The Spoilers, who said:

“There is a secret actor in BvS”

“There will be several Batman clothes, many Batmobiles.”

Well, that’s because there will be two men playing different versions of Batman.

Merchandise: Real or Fake?

When we analyzed the toys that go along with Batman v Superman, we found that even a doll will Christian Bale’s face had been produced! The official excuse here is that a fan would have developed these dolls, but it is hard to believe that people with homemade materials would produce a doll with such perfection:

In 2013, Bale was offered $50 million to return as Batman in BvS. Then it was immediately announced that Ben Affleck was in the movie — but that’s all part of the plot twist! I’m confident that Bale will appear at the end of BvS and be a part of Justice League 1 and 2, and this is why:

Justice League‘s pre-production starts in January 2016, but the recordings only start two months after the release of BvS. If they initiated filming the movie before, Bale would have been seen on site frequently. There will only be two movies, Justice League Parts 1 and 2, because the universe that began with Batman Begins (2005) will end by 2020.

Ben Affleck’s Purpose in the Franchise

Ben Affleck is Deathstroke (Slade Wilson). Jeremy Irons’s role isn’t Alfred because in this universe, Alfred is Michael Caine. Irons is the legendary William Randolph Wintergreen, Deathstroke’s butler.

The Proof…

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) was the Batman in the ‘Outsiders’ comic books. Check out the similarity in style between these two:

Note the size of the ear, the cape falling on his shoulders with fabric nodes accumulating, the shape of the chest… it’s all very similar, but is it a big coincidence? We can even say that Ben Affleck’s Batman is visually inspired by Deathstroke’s Batman. Why would Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman be visually inspired by a comic where Batman is not Bruce Wayne? Again, it’s because Ben Affleck is not Wayne, he is Deathstroke a.k.a. Slade Wilson.

Let’s compare Ben Affleck with Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) as a civilian and Jeremy Irons with Wintergreen…

If you look at the cover of the ‘Outsiders’ comic book, there are even more clues:

Note that:

  • Deathstroke’s Batman uses a sword and Affleck’s Batman also uses a sword/spear in the trailer (You can see both of these highlighted with blue arrows).
  • The cover of ‘Outsiders’ puts a question mark to ask whether this is the real Batman, and the same thing is seen within the trailer (You can see both of these highlighted with red arrows).
  • Affleck’s body in the trailer is being shown in the same way that Deathstroke’s Batman is shown on the cover of this comic book.

Zach Snyder gave us one more clue that Ben Affleck is Deathstroke:

In the game Injustice Gods Among Us, we have a “Superman Evil” that becomes a global dictator. Each character has their own phrases to say during the fight. One of Deathstroke’s phrases is,

“I’ll make you bleed.”

Which is awfully similar to Ben Affleck’s

“Do you bleed? You will.”

… Is this a coincidence?

Batman V Superman and the New 52

The DC cinematic universe seems to be a ‘New 52’ adaptation. In ‘New 52,’ Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) and his daughter, Ravager V (Rose Wilson), have many interactions with Superman clones and Gotham. You might say that Rose Wilson has not been cast in BvS, but are you sure?

Well, how about Jenna Malone? Thats right, Malone could actually be Rose Wilson! In the comics, the character has both blonde and ginger hair at times, just as Malone has been seen since being cast in the movie:

This explains why Jena Malone’s character has been kept secret so far. Its all part of the big plot twist!

Batman “V” Superman: What does the “V” actually stand for?

The “V” doesn’t mean versus, because thats “Vs.”

Some people said that it’s an analogy for lawsuits. It’s a mistake because the symbol for these cases is: “Corporation 1 Vs Corporation 2” or “Corporation 1 V. Corporation 2” but in title of movie there is a “V” solitary.

Although it seems odd that they would have a misspelling in the title of a movie, the explanation is simple. The letter is actually a Roman numeral, such as Godfather II and Rocky V. To elaborate on this, imagine if all of the movies since Batman Begins had Roman numerals after their titles.


The “V” is a clue that tells us that this is the fifth part of the movie franchise, just like Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Teen Titans Go Easter Egg

Teen Titans Go is currently the biggest DC cartoon. We have a lot of easter eggs in the show that give hints about the plot for ‘Batman V Superman’. For example:

Now, we know that the V actually means 5. In the ‘easter egg’ above, they feature a pun using the number 5 instead of an S. Please note the difference between the ‘S’ of superman logo (on Superman’s chest) and the ‘S’ inside Batman’s logo. The ‘V’ doesn’t show up because the ‘S’ means 5. This hints that it is the fifth part of the franchise.

Above, we can see another big easter egg in Teen Titans Go.

Trailers Have Been Made to Mislead

In the BvS trailer, Bruce’s parents are seen getting murdered. The scene likely opens the film and is a dream sequence that will wake Ben Affleck (Deathstroke) up! Dream sequences are often used in trailers to mislead us, particularly in superhero movies. We saw this in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Something like this was done in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). The movie begins with the death of Bruce’s parents, but soon we discover that they weren’t Bruce’s parents. That scene was made to hide a Plot twist as inBvS:

If you look back at every Trailer that has been released so far, Ben Affleck is never referred to as Bruce Wayne, which only strengthens this thesis. I fully expect the next trailer to attempt to outwit us even further.

Transition Between Universes

Man of Steel already inhabits the same universe as Christian Bale’s realistic universe and, as stated before, both were created by Nolan and Goyer. The Dark Knight Rises introduced Bane, a meta-human that is super strong, super tough, super intelligent and has cables attached to his body. These cables give him ‘superpowers’ and even allow him to break a pillar with a punch in the movie. Bane was set in TDKR as the villain to show how less-realistic powers can exist within that universe. Now, let’s go to a probable timeline:

Let’s go to a movie timeline:

The Wayne Enterprises logo of Batman Begins is exactly the same as theMan of Steel for Wayne Enterprises. This can be seen on a satellite and indicates they are in the same universe:

So, What Does This Mean for the Plot?

There is no way we can possible figure out the entire plot of the movie, but there are a few things we can take from trailers and their ties to the comic books. In the comics, Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) has a family of mercenaries. At the time of Zod’s alien revelation (after TDKR) we see this warning issued on electronic devices:

So, Bruce was a refugee and Deathstroke was Batman. Slade and his family of mercenaries went for Metropolis to investigate. As the city is being destroyed, he orders his family to take refuge in the buildings of Wayne Enterprises (WE). In ‘DC universe’ Deathstroke has many connections with universe of batman. Talia Al Ghul was president of Wayne Enterprises in TDKR. Deathstroke can be the next WE president(He was US president in a DC animated movie ) or he has had only connections with Bruce.But as we see in the trailer, he receives a phone call informing him that Wayne Enterprises’ building was also hit.

Ben Affleck (Slade) runs into the rubble to save his family. A simple smoke debris can infect and kill a human, but Deathstroke is meta-human! His family will die, but Rose Wilson (played by Jena Malone) is alive.

Robin John Blake has already gone crazy, and there should be no doubt that this message is from him. He wrote this message in a journal to remind Deathstroke that he failed to save his family.

Years later (from TDKR), Lex Luthor (super-genius) creates a Superman clone (Bizarro) and a fake army of worshippers (the Red Capes) to be led by Bizarro. Zod’s body is used as a base to receive the cloning, and an adult clone forms without waiting for the growth phase. Luthor captures Kal-El with kryptonite and gets his blood and therefore the genetic code of Kryptonians placed by Jor-El in Man of Steel (a.k.a. the Codex). This would enable the ability to create clones. Luthor defames the hero with the cloned villain and his army while trying to find a scientific way to kill him. After defeating Clark, Luthor will turn into a public hero and most likely become president.

Again, BvS toys show this plot twist. We see that Bizarro is in the movie:

Bruce Wayne (Bale) has the idea of deceiving Luthor in the same way that he has been fooling everyone. For this, Bruce contacts Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) to resume being Batman and makes Luthor waste time while Bruce works to bring the meta-humans together and rescue Superman (Kal-El).

Deathstroke doesn’t want to resume being Batman because of the death of his family and the madness of Robin, but he’s convinced by Wintergreen. Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) creates armor to fight against the Bizarro. In several other comics, characters used Batman armor and they weren’t Bruce Wayne. Here are a few examples, showing Commissioner Gordon with Batman armor in the ‘New 52,’ and Azrael in the ’90s… and finally Deathstroke (Slade) in BvS.

Bruce works with Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) to appear in this huge fight, which is why Deathstroke must give the signal…

The fight starts on the ground and then Ben Affleck goes to the roof to light up the sky with the bat-signal. He is waiting for Bruce Wayne to turn up with a meta-human army. The meta-humans join Deathstroke and defeat Bizarrio and the Red Capes. You must remember that this is still the Nolanverse, so Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg will also be shown in a realistic way.

In most of the comics and animations, Bizzaro fools everyone into thinking that he is Kal-El. Once discovered, his face turns into a monster’s. This can also happen in BvS with him being a ‘beta’ version of Doomsday. With the monster loose, the League needs Kal-El to help them: Bruce, Deathtroke and meta-humans attack the prison where the real Superman is, and Kal-El joins the group. The monster is defeated. After the final battle, Lex is arrested and the League is established. It may be that Deathstroke is a part of this.

Wonder Woman runs research into cloning and Luthor’s experiments, so many things will come from her point of view. In ‘New 52,’ Rose Wilson loses an eye while having contact with kryptonite. Fighting with the clone could even be the way that Deathstroke lost an eye. This all leads to Brainiac being the central villain in the Justice League movie.


Until this is revealed, Affleck will be called Batman and Irons will be called the ‘Butler’ or ‘Major.’ Irons will also called Affleck, “Master.” After the revelation of this plot twist, their ordinary names will be used.

It can seem complex but it’s not:

  • Nolan is the chief producer of BvS
  • Warner will use the Nolanverse for upcoming DC movies
  • Affleck is Slade Wilson and he inherited Batman’s cowl afterTDKR. Irons is Wintergreen and Jena Malone is Rose Wilson.

You may be saying that having two Batman characters and two Superman characters may be too confusing. However, this is exactly what happened in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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